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With a listed building it is often more appropriate to renovate the existing timber windows rather than replace them; this can include upgrading the performance of the window as part of the project. DASK craftsmen have a combined 240 years experience in working on period projects and have the ability to match and recreate any profile or section required to return a window back to its original glory.

Window Refurbishment

 If you have a listed building, the performance and longevity of your existing windows can often be substantially improved by a comprehensive survey, thorough renovation and refurbishment, draught-sealing and re-painting of the joinery elements. With the upgrading of parting and staff beads to incorporate modern, high performance, weather-seals, the draught-proofing of the window can be substantially improved whilst preserving its period features. DASK offer this service either on-site with the windows in-situ or by renovating them at our factory.

Double Glazing Refurbishment

If your existing window frames or box sash frames are in good condition, Dask can manufacture new, double glazed sashes, to replace your old, single glazed, sashes. These, together with new lead weights, substantially improve the thermal performance and noise insulation of your original windows. A further marked improvement in sound insulation can be achieved with the incorporation of, site specific, noise cancelling glass units.

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